Putting On and Taking Off a Silicone Breast Plate

by Mindy

A breastplate is a silicone insert that can be worn in place of a bra, allowing women to have larger or perkier breasts. The term “breastplate” can refer to a variety of products, including:

  • Fashionable clothing items designed for women with large chests but small waists
  • Silicone inserts that fit into bras or swimsuits to give them more padding
  • Organic materials such as clay, seaweed, and other plant matter used for similar purposes

In this article, we’ll focus on breastplates worn during exercise and sports like yoga and running. They’re usually made from silicone rubber or silicone gel. Since they’re very flexible and soft (much like your natural breast tissue), these forms are easy to put on and take off without causing any pain or discomfort!

Measuring and Fitting Your Silicone Breast Forms

Use a soft measuring tape to measure around your body at the fullest part of your breasts (make sure it’s not too tight). If you have a bra on, take off the bra and measure again with both hands holding the measuring tape around your backside where the cups would fit over your breasts, pressing firmly against their fronts so there are no gaps between them.

Add 1 inch to this number as an estimate for how much space you’ll need for loose clothing or undergarments like bras and camisoles (again, without being too tight). This will be used later when we’re determining which size is best for you; if you want exact measurements on how much room each item requires then refer back here so that we can do some math together!

Putting on Your Silicone Breast Plate

It’s best to remove your bra before putting on the silicone breastplate. If you have large breasts and wearing a bra that has padding or underwire, it is best to remove them before applying the silicone breastplate. This will make it easier for you to apply and adjust your new accessory.

Be sure that the new silicone breastplate fits comfortably around the chest area before tightening any straps! If not, take off quickly before any damage is done!

When adjusting plates with hooks, always open from the bottom up (like opening an eye) so that they’re facing towards the head instead of away from the head as this can cause injury if done the wrong way – do not try this at home unless absolutely necessary!

Removing Your Silicone Breast Forms

Remove your silicone breast form from the plastic bag and gently remove the clear film from around the outside of each implant. This will allow you to see how well they have been fitted into place.

Grab your silicone breastplate, which is essentially a silicone bra that holds your implants in place. If it’s not already on, put on your silicone breastplate now. You’ll want this to hold everything else in place as you take off your bra and shirt! It’s also important not to lose track of these items: both breasts and their corresponding plates should always stay together so they can be washed together later on (and stored together).

To remove the silicone implants from their pocketed pockets inside the top half of each breastplate, simply pull them out with both hands while holding onto one end of each implant at all times (one hand per implant). The placement here will vary depending on what size best suits each individual woman; if there are any questions about where exactly these should go during the insertion/removal process then consult an expert beforehand so nothing goes wrong!

Remove Your Bra & Shirt: Now comes time for the removal of clothing items like bras or shirts before removing those pesky straps off our shoulders

It is actually pretty easy to put on and take off a silicone breastplate.

Putting on a silicone breastplate is actually pretty easy. There are a few steps to follow, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to put it on easily.

First, make sure you are wearing the right size! If your breastplate is too small or too large for your chest cavity, it will be difficult to fit inside and uncomfortable while wearing. You can find sizing charts online (like this one), which will give you measurements for different sizes of silicone breastplates and other products that may have similar dimensions as well. Once you have chosen which size fits best with your body type (small-chested versus large-chested), move on to step two: putting it over your head!


Some people find this step easier by using both hands; others prefer using just one hand to lift up the bottom edge first before pulling upwards towards their chin while holding onto each side firmly so they don’t shift around during use—but experiment with whichever method works best for those trying them out before purchase!

If possible, try doing this step-in front of a mirror so that both sides come into view simultaneously instead simply looking at one half only through peripheral vision; once again though there’s nothing wrong with doing whatever feels most comfortable during the initial attempts.

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